"Introducing Economic Actualism: Making the Science of Rational Behaviour More Rational"

This book:

* explains the mechanisms that create economic bubbles as a combination of duress, ineffectiveness and inversion;
* systematically explores the confusion of nominal and actual wealth;
* describes duress as the primary source of economic uncertainty;
* systematically acknowledges the role of communication in reforming economic bubbles and the challenges which idolatry poses to this process;
* introduces the psychological stresses of economic participation; and,
* explains the existential confusion of the left-right political paradigm.

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"The Psychology of Economic Actualism: Living in Both the Actual and the Nominal World"

This book:

* Examines psychological stresses which result from contradictions of economic participation; *Describes the six mental characteristics of economic participation;

* Describes the repression mechanisms these six mental processes create;

* Examines the superego bias;

* Describes diminishing returns as a clinical objective to deal with stress;


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"Christianity as Economic Actualism: Ye Must Be Borne Again"

This book:

* is the most comprehensive and logical analysis of the New Testament to date;

                * explores Jesus Christ as the philosopher king;
* establishes Jesus’ divinity by his parables alone without need of support from the evidence of his miracles;
* identifies and resolves the economic contradictions of the New Testament;
* describes the New Testament characters in terms of six mental  processes;

* shows how Jesus was the only person to perform all six mental processes effectively;
*shows how rational social and economic participation is central to the plan of salvation;
*describes the duality of evil as both from human existence and from the Adversary.

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"The Existential Mindsets: Our Choice of Social Lifestyles"

This book:

* explains the nuts and bolts of social participation existentialism;

*applies existentialism to psychology to create a systematic description of personality;

*provides the foundation for an understanding of political motivation;

*systematically contrasts between growing “up” and growing “old”;

*systematically contrasts between the contradictory mindsets and those mindsets that attempt to resolve these contradictions.

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"Mindset and Meta-ideal Analysis: Methods that Looks Like Spreadsheets, but ARE NOT Spreadsheets"

This book of questions:

        * describes the multi-layering that is possible in all social activity;
* improves the loving nature of our relationships;
* promotes discussion and mediation between opposing parties;
* determines motivations for ourselves and others;
* recognizes double speak.

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"The Tragedy of Iago"

A novel that not only gains theme from applying economic actualism to problems of human relationships, it also reveals a new method of studying literary classics. The novel takes the script from William Skaespeare's classic play "The Tragedy of Othello" and creates a novel from it by adding backstory, narrative action and inner thoughts of the characters, often through the use of Shakespearean sonnets.


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