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Does it seem like Christianity has turned into a senior citizen’s club? That it has no relevance to the present generation or future generations? Does it seem like a relic from an earlier time?    Do you have problems describing Christianity to younger generations with their culture of scientific reasoning rather than religious faith?

Economic actualism is a comprehensive dialectic: it brings multiple disciplines into a common viewpoint. In the process, it describes Christianity as a logical system! We no longer need to look at Jesus miracles as possible magic tricks to determine his divinity. His divinity is shown by the logic of his message and how he founded civilization in a mere three hours of public speaking.

“Christianity as Economic Actualism” is the most comprehensive and logical analysis of the New Testament to date and is the first to:

                * Explore Jesus Christ as the philosopher king.
* Establish Jesus’ divinity by his parables alone without need of support from the evidence of his miracles.
* Identify and resolve the economic contradictions of the New Testament.
* Describe the psychology of New Testament characters in terms of six mental              processes and their social cliques while showing how Jesus was the only person to perform all six.
*Show how rational social and economic participation is central to the plan of salvation.
*Describe the duality of evil as both inherent in human existence and aggravated by the Adversary.

This book brings Christianity into the twenty first century by determining its logical coherence.