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Do you often envy the life of others at times, even when they usually do not seem enviable? Do you often feel resented or envied by those you partner with? Do you feel internally conflicted at times? Do people seem to be unexplainable to you?

“The Existential Mindsets” describes the six fundamental mental processes we all need to exist in society. Competing, relating and autonomy are the three established categories of thought within various disciplines that psychology names. But in this book, each are separated into an actual and socially recorded component. It describes how the six resulting mindsets each produce a separate class of mental symbols and how the assumptions of each mindset contradict each other. These different mentalities misunderstand each other, dislike each other and even judge each other even when they rely on each other. It is the first book to:


This book provides a new and systematic perspective upon our psychology and our relationships. It challenges the reader, not only as a citizen, but more importantly it challenges us at the individual level. As we participate in society, each of us chooses roles that concentrate our attention on some aspects of existence. Meanwhile, the choice also hides some areas of existence from us as well, even though we still rely upon an understanding of them. This book helps us to see both ourselves, and others, in a comprehensive manner.