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m and mi analysis

Have you ever walked out of a movie with your partner and had no idea what to say? Have you ever felt total wonderment in a political situation, as if the ideas you heard were from an alien culture or just completely non-sensical? Have you ever felt removed from youth culture?

`Mindset and Meta-Ideal Analysis` describes how social existence creates a matrix of six contradictory mental mindsets and then prescribes a series of Socratic style questions with which we can discuss social activity and messages. Socrates was a philosopher in ancient Greece who prescribed a series of uestions to evaluate a decision. Mindset and meta-ideal analysis prescribes a competing set of questions from each of the mindsets in a modern society.

The subtitle of “Mindset and Meta-ideal Analysis Methods” is “The Questions that Look Like Spreadsheets, But Are Not Spreadsheets!”. Our society has lots of data. We have too much data. Instead, this series of forms is meant as a method to stimulate thought, analysis and discussion.

This method can be used to examine any social activity, either thought or action, either minor or major. Mindset analysis examines through each of the six mindsets while Meta-Ideal Analysis examines the effectiveness with which social objectives themselves are created. Also included is Doublespeak analysis, where social activity can mean different messages to different mindsets as well as rudimentary legal analysis.

Billings considers this book will help to:
* understand the multi-layering that is possible in all social activity;
* improve the loving nature of our relationships;
* promote discussion and mediation between opposing parties
* determine motivations for ourselves and others
* recognize double speak

With the use of this series of questionnaire pages in checklist form, this book gives us the ability to ask questions from a full variety of mindsets while we can also ask if the objectives that have been set by both ourselves and others agree with other mindsets. It is not another collection of data in survey form. It is a method to stimulate thought and discussion about social events that often leave us dumb founded.