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Does it seem that you and others are running on a treadmill, without rational motivations yet lacking rest from their pursuits? Does society seem divided? Do you and members of your family seem internally conflicted in ways you do not understand? Do you feel anxiety but have problems identifying their cause?

All of us feel a constant struggle between the actual reality of our life and our work and our inner selves and the way society represents it with its set of symbols. It is a constant struggle, like eating, walking and sleeping that we ignore at our own peril.

``The Psychology of Economic Actualism`` is the first book to:

  1. Examine the psychological stresses which result form the dualism of nominal and actual reality that is inherent in economic participation.
  2. Describe six mental characteristics that economic participation both demands and creates.
  3. Describe the repression mechanisms these six mental processes create.
  4. Examine the superego bias and the malevolent effect the superego can have on a civilized id.
  5. Utilize diminishing returns as a clinical objective to decrease the stress from dichotomous thinking and contradictory mental processes.